Sunday, February 4, 2007

Making the Doors-Part I

I started on the doors with the lower rails. As before I start with thicknessing the stock to 1.820" using my dial caliper. Next I bevel the back edge at about 7 degrees. The groove where the door panel fits is milled at the same angle.This groove ,however, is not parallel to either side, so I attached an auxillary fence to the stock and used that to mill the groove. This technique is useful anytime you can't use a side of the stock for placing a groove. Next lay out and drill the drain holes. Finish by laying out the joinery for the hinge and latching rails which is a mortise and tenon type of joint. Remember the old addage" Measure twice ,cut once", this mistake cost me about five hours to make up.


Walton said...

When's the next update? I'm anxious to see how this thing shapes up.

Sean Headrick said...

Now that I've caught up ,I will probably update about once a week.