Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The joinery is the final step to preparing the rear doors. The inside of the doors is allon one plane, so it works best to lay out all the parts on a flat surface and mark out all your joinery . this will ensure that all the pieces stay in the correct relationship.

When cutting joinery on peices like this, lay out is crutial. You should mark out the joint on mating pieces at the same time. Use an ink pen with a very thin tip (.05 or .03) is best. When marking out the joinery you should show the cuts to be made on all sides of the joint. It also helps to shade in the areas to be removed so as not to cut on the wrong side of the line.

Once you have completed marking the joint , clamp the work in such a way that you can seethe cut lines on at least two sides of the work. With a better than average dovetail saw , I use a Scandvick, start on the top face, using your thumbnail as a guide begin your cut trying to split the line to the waste side. If you always keep this relationship between your cut line and your actual cut, you will have a joint that needs little, if any fitting. Once you have sawed 1/16" to 1/8" deep, keeping your saw in the cut, start to follow the line around the piece. Use this method all the way around the joint, and you should be able to create an accurate joint in any situation.

This is about as far as you will go until you can fit the door into the opening.

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