Friday, June 15, 2007

Doors Part IV

These are the front stiles of the back doors. Start out with dimensioning the material to the correct thickness. I started out this project using a flush trimming router bit to copy pieces, but I am finding it works a little better sometimes to just trace the profile as closely as you can. Then using a band saw and a sander,

try to split the line.

Once you get the profiles accurately shaped, lay out for dadoes on the front and back and cut those parallel with the back side. Then to get this detail where the rabbeted section towards the base of the door slopes up to the surface, I put a stop at the end of the
fence and made successive cuts to remove all the material up to that point. Then cleaned it up with planes and files or sandpaper.

I laid out the joinery on the new stock, but I'll wait to cut it when I have all the pieces for the door finished.

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